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BA-803 Auto Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm Type)





Measuring range: Pressure(0mmHg~280mmHg)Pulse(40~199)/minute
Sensor accuracy: Pressure(±0.4kPa/±3mmHg) Pulse(±5%)
Measuring method: Oscillometric
Operation temperature: Temperature( +5℃~+40℃)Humidity(10%~90%)
Storage environment: Temperature(-20℃~+65℃)Humidity(10%~95%)

 Product size

Long: 140mm
Wide: 95mm
Thick: 70mm
Weight: 420g(No battery)

Automatic shutdowm

60 Seconds not Use


When the heart rate, Arrhythmia  symbol display 


Large LCD display 

External key interface 

External key interface 



2*90 groups Memory 

Hypertension Warning 

The world health Organisation(WHO)and the international Society of Hypertension(ISH)evaluation

Green color as the normal value of blood pressure
Yellow color high- normal value
Red color is the high blood pressure value(Hypertension)

Memory AVG  

According to the three recent detection of numerical memory, draw the average  

Use Power

6V(AA1.5V × 4 Alkaline Batteries) or DC 6V Power adapter

Standard accessories 

NO.5 alkaline battery ×4, the use of brochures, product warranty card, certificate 


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