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Affect the electronic sphygmomanometer to measure accurately

 1. For people most of the electronic sphygmomanometer using the high sensitivity of the sensor in the cuff, oscillometric blood pressure measurement, it can automatically record arterial blood flow state and convert it into digital form, when measured without the use of a stethoscope, a very convenient ; mercury sphygmomanometer blood pressure measurement using Korotkoff sound method of blood pressure measurement, but its measuring value is stable, the impact factor is small.

Electronic sphygmomanometer using the principle and the principle of the mercury sphygmomanometer used, it is not suitable for the following example people use:

     (1) obese persons;

     (2). Arrhythmia;

     (3). The pulse very weak, severe breathing problems and low body temperature of patients;

     (4) heart rate below 40 beats / min and higher than 240 beats / min the patient;

     (5). Bleeding, hypovolemic shock, blood pressure, dramatic changes in patients;

     (6) Parkinson's disease patients.

2. Blood pressure itself changes

Are not the same people all the time the blood pressure, a healthy person in one day there will be changes in the 15 to 30 mmHg, fluctuations in hypertensive patients. It varies with the person's state of mind, time, season, temperature, and other changes.

Specific performance:

     (1) state of mind: anger, tension, fear, fear, excitement and pain can increase in SBP and diastolic blood pressure did not change.

     (2) time and sleep: the rhythm of the normal, healthy blood pressure showed two peaks and a valley, ladle type, daytime blood pressure fluctuations at a high level, blood gradually decreased from 8:00 pm to night, 2 to 3:00 to minimize Valley, early morning blood pressure, a sharp rise peaked at 6 am ~ 8:00, then the blood pressure continued to fluctuate at a high level, a second peak to 4:00 pm ~ 6:00. And then gradually decreased.

     (3) Season: by cold stimulation will rise in blood pressure, blood pressure can be reduced in the high temperature environment.

     (4) Smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, after bathing will reduce blood pressure. The left upper extremity

     (5) The right upper extremity blood pressure greater than the difference of 2 ~ 4mmHg, lower limb blood pressure than the upper 20 ~ 40mmHg. Therefore, the body's blood pressure is always changing, each measurement of blood pressure is normal phenomenon, the two measurements to the same blood pressure values ​​is very rare.

3. "White coat hypertension"

Some patients to the hospital to see health care workers wearing white overalls to their blood pressure, unconsciously and unrest, tension, resulting in "blood pressure measurements increased, referred to as" white coat hypertension. While at home, they used the electronic sphygmomanometer measurements, the absence of any psychological pressure, measured results of the low. Therefore, the normal self-test blood pressure 130/85mmHg rather than 140/90mmHg.

4. Cuff size

Under normal circumstances, the electronic sphygmomanometer cuff are standard adult type, it uses the arm weeks for patients 22 ~ 32cm. Weeks of the user's arm is greater than or less than the scope of the use of cuff measured blood pressure values ​​will appear error: error of systolic blood pressure values ​​greater than the cuff range will give less than the cuff range will give error of diastolic blood pressure values.

5 Cuff position

Low measurement location, the measured blood pressure is high; position high, measured blood pressure low, the height of each difference of 10cm, the blood pressure value on the difference between 8mmHg about. Therefore, the correct approach is: the location of the inflatable cuff should be level with the heart on the same level, the cuff end of the hose (internal sensor) should be placed on the brachial artery pulse point, the distance of the lower edge of the cuff cubital fossa 2 ~ 3cm, tie the elastic cuff volume is appropriate to just insert one finger cuff is too tight will lead to poor blood flow; cuff is too loose, make blood vibration can not be completely passed to the cuff.

6. Measuring range

Different types, different brands of electronic sphygmomanometer measuring range is different. If the electronic sphygmomanometer systolic blood pressure measurement limit of 200mmHg, diastolic blood pressure measuring a maximum of 150mmHg, blood pressure values ​​outside this range, the electronic sphygmomanometer is possible to measure not allowed or measurements are not out.

7. Environmental impact

Do not measure blood pressure when using mobile phones, and do not use a mobile phone near the electronic sphygmomanometer work. Environmental electromagnetic interference, noise, measuring the movement of the patient's limb during shaking spasm, cuff movement and friction, etc., will affect the measurement accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer.

8. Other factors

Mercury sphygmomanometer by a medical doctor with a stethoscope to measure blood pressure every doctor hearing habits, reading parallax, the observer error, estimate the read error is not the same, resulting in the measurement results of each doctor is not the same. In addition, the electronic sphygmomanometer to test calibration on a regular basis.

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